Traditionally, standard business cards have been printed on 80# uncoated cover stock.  While this is still the norm, many businesses want their business cards printed on heavier paper. Not only do they stand up to more wear and tear, but they help to convey a solid and strong image, when you hand one out to a client or prospect.

There are various upgrades from 80# cover to choose from, beginning with 100# cover. This slight upgrade is enough to make a noticeable difference in feel and in many cases it won’t break the bank.  Many businesses are migrating to 100# cover as the de facto standard when printing company business cards.

Some stationery packages have options in 100# cover options for business cards to match the shade and finish of your letterhead and envelopes, tying together your entire printed identity package. Moreover, some like Neenah’s ‘Classic’ line offer a 110# cover to up the ante. While not the cheapest options, the premium nature of these stocks goes a long way.

If you want to go heavier yet, try 120# or 130# paper stocks when you print your business cards. These ultra premium stocks are available in a few different finishes like smooth, linen, and laid.

Whether your business cards will be printed in full digital color or via traditional offset printing with spot colors, we’ve got you covered. We can print your cards on a wide range of stocks from the traditional 80# cover all the way up to 130#! Shop our business cards here.